Banking on blessed land: SC needs permanent funding for Land and Water Conservation Fund | Opinion

The Island Packet

The Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition has fought to protect land for over the more than two decades that the organization has been in existence. I have personally fought for the same thing for…

LWCF Deserves Permanent Funding

Ohio Advertiser Tribune

No federal program protecting natural areas and assisting local and state recreation projects has had the reach and the importance of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Thousands of individual…

Spending Time in Nature Boosts Health, Study Finds


We're told to eat our five a day, get 150 minutes of exercise a week -- and now a weekly blast of The Great Outdoors might one day be part of recommended guidelines too. A new UK study has found that…

Why playing in the dirt should be on your family’s to-do list this summer

Salt Lake City Deseret News

A new study suggests that dirt is good for our mental health. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder have been studying a soil-dwelling bacterium shown to ease stress, and they have now…

Infographic: Nature is Everyone’s Business

Our Natural Interest

We are a nation of conservationists. Whether urban or rural, eastern or western, red or blue, we value America’s lands, waters, wildlife and way of life. Polls show that the vast majority of…

The Economic, Health, and Social Benefits of Conservation: Minnesota

Our Natural Interest

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, water is an integral part of Minnesota’s cultural and economic fabric. From the Mississippi Headwaters and the Boundary Waters to the North Shore of Lake Superior and…

The Economic, Health, and Social Benefits of Conservation: California

Our Natural Interest

From California’s beautiful coastal beaches to its dramatic deserts and awe-inspiring redwood forests, conserved landscapes are central to the state’s identity. Californians of all political stripes…

The Economic, Health, and Social Benefits of Conservation: Alaska

Our Natural Interest

Alaska’s tundra, forests, rivers, and coasts are not only world-renowned, they are the cornerstone of local livelihoods and healthy communities. Alaska has over three million lakes and more coastline…

The Economic, Health, and Social Benefits of Conservation: West Virginia

Our Natural Interest

From New River Gorge and the Monongahela Forest to Harpers Ferry and Seneca Rocks, conserved lands and waters are integral to West Virginia’s identity and civic pride. Conserving the state’s natural…

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